Lutra releasing into the wild

My new album, lutra, is due to be released imminently on the wonderful Linear Obsessional records.

lutra was written and recorded between July 2017 and February 2018. A departure from the sonic collage of unweatherlutra uses different techniques and features 8 shorter, more focused tracks.

Richard Sanderson, head honcho of Linear Obsessional has written these kind notes about the release:

Following on from his slow burning self-released cassette “Unweather”, “Lutra” is the first CD release by smallhaus (AKA South London based guitarist, electronicist, percussionist David Little). It expands his singular sound environment into a full-screen, full-colour and hugely enjoyable collection.

At times this almost feels like a tribute to the classic sounds of 70’s ambient – the choral textures, the infinite guitars, the synthesizers, but it’s done with a knowing wink and a contemporary layer of grit and dust. But mostly it’s an enveloping, immersive wash of precision moulded sound.

lutra is, of course, dedicated to otters everywhere.

Here’s a short video I made to mark the occasion: