Introducing lutra – the new smallhaus album

Lutra, the new smallhaus album, has been released by Linear Obsessional Recordings and is available as a CD and pay-what-you-want download.

The CD is packaged in a flexible translucent plastic case, with wrap-around cover and 4 page mini-booklet of notes.

Lutra was written and recorded between July 2017-March 2018 and uses different approaches and techniques from its predecessors, unweather and sixThe result is 8 shorter tracks – reflecting my love of psychedelia, 1970s ambient, shoegaze, post-rock, drone and music concrete.

“An enveloping, immersive wash of precision moulded sound” (Richard Sanderson, Linear Obsessional Recordings)

Buy or download Lutra from the Linear Obsessional Bandcamp page.