I’ve just released a new CD-R/ digital download: Psonification – a 38 minute psychedelic sound bath. It features a version of an improvised track I’ve been playing at gigs over the summer plus some live and processed recordings of a 32” symphonic Gong, along with some other spacey electronic goings on. 

I wanted to work quicker than I usually do so it was put together over a few days. The first part of Psonification was recorded in a single take with minimal post-production. The recordings of the gong were made on my iPhone and then processed. So it’s all quite DIY – down to the artwork and sleeve.

All proceeds from the sale of Psonification will be donated to Mind, the mental health charity.

You can stream, download or buy Psonification from the Smallhaus Bandcamp page.

 Psonification - cover art