Nova is the fifth album by smallhaus, South-East London-based musician David Little. Nova shifts between moods of claustrophobia to setting the controls for open space – from the ambient openings of Nova Swing through the electronics of Kefahuchi, spacey dub of The Emergent to the heavy psych of Bone Dice, A Quieter Mind and These Sunken Lands. The addition of bass guitar (inherited from Rothko’s Mark Beazley) as well as live and programmed percussion adds propulsion and darker textures to smallhaus’ heaviest collection yet. Nova is in part a creative response to the writing of sci-fi and weird fiction author M John Harrison, as well as the ongoing uncertainty of the plague year.

David Little – bass guitar, electric guitar, drums, percussion, soft synths, keyboards and filters, drum programming and electronics.

Performed, recorded and mixed by David Little, September-November 2020. Mastering by Mark Beazley.