Zetland EP

Announcing a new EP: Zetland available to download from Bandcamp and stream from all major streaming sites.

Zetland was born from a couple of abandoned projects. The first was around ambient remixes of previous releases and the second two extended improvisations made on electric guitar and gong. The first never happened but left me wanting to experiment more with a more electronic approach, exploring sound design rather than instrumentation. I almost released the improvisations but wasn’t really happy with them. Elements of them appear on Zetland, heavily processed and manipulated.

Zetland is the most electronic release of mine so far – in addition to processed gong, guitar and radio sounds it features samples from the Polish Radio Experimental Studio, again treated and manipulated, alongside synths and sampled reverb tails.

I was keen for this not to become the inevitable “lockdown release”. However, I realised when I came to name the tracks (something I always struggle with and leave until the last minute) that they were informed by a longing to be a long way away – surrounded by the sounds of nature rather than urban clatter which is quickly re-establishing itself after the relative peace of the early lockdown.

Initially this is being released digitally but may find a physical release in time.

Doubt / The Magnetic North

I’m delighted to announce my new album, Doubt / The Magnetic North has now been released on Bad Bat Records. It’s also available to stream on Spotify and other streaming services.

Full details

Doubt and The Magnetic North are the third and fourth studio albums from Smallhaus – now released together as a double album by Bad Bat Records. Smallhaus is South East London-based guitarist, composer and electronic musician David Little. Doubt was originally recorded between late 2018 to mid 2019; The Magnetic North between December 2019-March 2020.

Doubt moves between styles and mood over 6 tracks – from ambient, drone and post rock through distorted psychedelia to minimalist piano and tuned percussion. Guitar, generative keyboard and percussion loops are combined and recombined, along with live improvisation to create a series of evolving lo-fi soundscapes, evoking memory, longing and loss.

The Magnetic North sees a return to long-form composition. The opening title track moves from a two chord Krautrock-inspired jam through to contemplative post-rock atmospherics, based around keyboard loops, glissando guitar and shifting electronics. The Magnetic North album concludes with two widescreen ambient guitar and synth drone pieces.

Doubt and The Magnetic North occupy similar sonic territory to Windy and Carl, Amp, Flying Saucer Attack, Grouper, Labradford and Abul Mogard. Tracks from Smallhaus’s second album, Lutra (Linear Obsessional, 2018) have featured on BBC6 Music, NTS and Resonance FM.

Doubt and The Magnetic North occupy similar sonic territory to Windy and Carl, Amp, Flying Saucer Attack, Grouper, Labradford and Abul Mogard. Tracks from Smallhaus’s second album, Lutra (Linear Obsessional, 2018) have featured on BBC6 Music, NTS and Resonance FM.


I’ve just released a new CD-R/ digital download: Psonification – a 38 minute psychedelic sound bath. It features a version of an improvised track I’ve been playing at gigs over the summer plus some live and processed recordings of a 32” symphonic Gong, along with some other spacey electronic goings on. 

I wanted to work quicker than I usually do so it was put together over a few days. The first part of Psonification was recorded in a single take with minimal post-production. The recordings of the gong were made on my iPhone and then processed. So it’s all quite DIY – down to the artwork and sleeve.

All proceeds from the sale of Psonification will be donated to Mind, the mental health charity.

You can stream, download or buy Psonification from the Smallhaus Bandcamp page.

 Psonification - cover art

Champion Version Edition 6 at Iklecktic

I’m really excited to announce that I’ve been invited to play at Champion Version Edition 6 event at Iklecktic on 1 August – celebrating 10 years of Champion Version.

Champion Version is a wonderful London-based label who specialise in creating limited lathe-cut vinyl and digital releases.

Buy tickets for Champion Version 6 – Iklecktic 1 August.

Isolated EP

Isolated contains two tracks that were written after Lutra but before I started work on my third album, Doubt. They felt like they lived in their own world, apart from Lutra and Doubt but coming back to them I still liked them so decided to release them as an EP.

You can download the EP from Bandcamp.

Why I make music

I’ve never been any good at writing anything approaching an artist’s statement. I’ve cobbled things together when I’ve had to, but I’ve never been very happy with them. I’m not, or at least, don’t think of myself as a particularly “conceptual” person. But I’ve been reflecting recently on why I choose to make music in what little spare time I have (which, to be fair, is still more than a lot of my peers).

I started making music again after a very long break in 2015. I had been a drummer in two bands,  and in between tinkered around with guitars and various bits of electronic music-making equipment but not with any seriousness. I drifted away from even wanting to make any music, trying various other creative endeavours, some of which I still do enjoy (e.g. photography and design). But in 2015 it just felt like music was something I wanted to give another go. I wasn’t in a position to play in a band, having become very rusty at drumming (and not having a kit which didn’t help) and my guitar playing was (and still is) pretty woeful.

Taking a course in Experimental Sound Art led me to new ways of thinking about making sound and music outside of a traditional band set-up, and the reasonably low barrier of entry to sound making on a laptop opened up my ears to new possibilities.

Now I play gigs and record when I can, and as my confidence has grown have enjoyed collaborating with others. Operating in a small pond and being bad at schmoozing and promo means that realistically I’m never going to “shift a lot of units” (but hey, I’m definitely open to that lucrative 6 album deal of course).

The main reason I can think of why I do this is because it helps. Helps with long standing issues of anxiety and depression. Without wanting to sound grandiose it also helps in some way to find meaning and deal with all the other stuff that goes on in life, not least the general madness going on in the world right now. Although occasionally difficult and frustrating, it’s fun and fulfilling. I think that’s why I do it.




FluxHaus is a new collaboration between myself and another Linear Obsessional artist, Kassia Flux. For this one I’ve put away the guitar and concentrated more on electronics – and gong. We’ve got two gigs coming up in December 2018 – one at Boat-Ting on Monday 3 December, then we’ll be playing at the Arts Café in Hither Green on Sunday 9 December.